The First Singers

The First Singers

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The Asin, an old Native American myth, came out of the shadows some hundred years ago and their strong, fast, reptile-like bodies made it impossible for humans to beat them. They avoided direct warfare, striking wherever people were at their weakest until they defeated the last remnants of humanity, the bases, designed to be impregnable fortresses meant to protect the few survivors. 
Now it's the Asin who live in them. They oversee human children until their eighteen birthday, when a Hunt; a race through the remnants of the old city, decides whether they will be slaughtered or allowed to live their days out on the fabled Island, a place no one knows much about, but where the adults live in a supposed comfort and happiness. 
Teena is one of these children, expecting nothing but an almost certain death, when a "Feral"; a potentially cannibalistic human from outside of the base, saves her from being captured and killed on the day of her Hunt. He takes her to the village, where she attempts to decipher the weakness of the Asin while she makes sense of her own race.  
Her newfound life seems to be destined to come to a quick end when she incidentally discovers a way to kill the Asin, a secret they desperately want to keep hidden and will stop at nothing to protect it.

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I like this little detail, I don't know why. It kind of makes the story come alive when you add the little things. Also, it kind of helps you visualize her life situation a bit more.
scifilover2k16 scifilover2k16 2 days ago
So, does almost everyone make it to the island, or are there like twenty people there because it's impossibly rigged to beat the man-eating creatures?
scifilover2k16 scifilover2k16 2 days ago
I guess it makes sense why they have the hunt now, but, still, it almost reminds me of Nazi Germany or some type of cultural or intellectual cleansing. It's weird.
scifilover2k16 scifilover2k16 2 days ago
This is a terrifying thought. Everyone on that island had to pass this hunt.
scifilover2k16 scifilover2k16 2 days ago
Oh, okay. So it's whenever they come of age. This almost reminds me of the Hunger Games, but in a good way.
The 'Good Luck' doesn't really feel like a good luck. Don't like this caretaker at all.