Tell Me Your Stories... (Ricky Horror Story)

Tell Me Your Stories... (Ricky Horror Story)

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Stevie Skullz By Ghost_In_The_Mirror Completed

"Ricky... Can you tell me that story again?" I questioned. 

"Again?" He laughed. 


I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye. "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She loved everyone is her small ton but her parents on the other hand didn't. They tortured the towns people. One day the young princess stood up her parents. She told them what they had done wrong and that they shouldn't be so cruel. Instead of listening to their daughter they locked her away in the dungeon.

She was there for many years until one day a servant about her age found her. He wasn't supposed to be down there but he didn't seem to care. The princess and the servant became best friend and the boy told the princess that one day he would save her. Another few years past and the boy slowly stopped coming to visit her. She grew sad not seeing his smile, or hearing his voice. One day as she sat in her cell crying, she heard footsteps run down the stairs. She sat up and saw the boy emerge aro...

I thought he was talking about the guy Ryan so I was just like "Yes gay fanfic-oh nvm"
smileniallerr smileniallerr a day ago
(Salem please save me!!) Wish upon the stars but they won't save you tonight!!!
                              YOU WERE A PRODUCT OF LUST!!
Elaina_Bands Elaina_Bands Oct 04, 2015
NOW this rope on my neck stopped all the blood to my so now salem please save me
KarinBVB KarinBVB Jun 24, 2015
How abigail how could you do this to us you were a product of lust
smoldraco smoldraco Jan 24, 2015
I would die if Balz would just come up talking to me.. damn..