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Marcella By MarcellaUva Updated Nov 14, 2018

In 1939, Death sacrifices her immortality after being betrayed in love, entrusting her duty to her sole descendants: the soul collectors of the In Between. Fifty-two years later, one them accidentally throws off the balance between life and death. 

Mired in the age of grunge, eighteen-year-old soul collector, Sage Valentine, loses a soul meant for The Next World. On that tragic day, she discovers a frightening secret - all of the soul collectors are cursed. 

The plan was simple: lay low, enlist the help of her best friend, Blaire Kennedy, find the uncollected soul, and hope that her efforts could break the curse. But when Sage meets Gabriel Carpenter, a mysterious young man with tattoos who can manipulate reality, plans change. 

Sage must face an impossible reality that would soon draw her into a conflict older and more dangerous than she could imagine. What happens when she finds Death's Ledger in the possession of someone she trusts? 


Copyright © Marcella Uva, 2015 - 2017
Cover © Surviving_Dreams

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