Fight For It

Fight For It

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Lily By FallenForEver Updated Jan 25, 2011

Kaori Fox is an Asian 16 year old, recently moving from her original home in America into one of the most packed, racy, and dangerous cities in the world:


 It's the year of 2021, and the world has eventually and now reverted back to it's dictatorships, oligarchies, constitutional monarchies, and ruling royal families. Even America is starting to succumb again to Britain. Don't forget more deadly and risky, nowhere is really safe anymore from anything. Crime rates have gone up and everything seems to be going down hill, fear of the new government systems rendering people helpless. 

 Even in the upper class and popular district of Shibuya that Kaori lives in she can hear gun shots, and gang fights. Even in a place where celebrities live, it's risky. If anyone even slightly crosses the line or goes against their government, they 'disappear', no matter who you are. 

 Being the daughter of a famous Japanese actress doesn't really help that either, especially because of the paparazzi roaming the streets that they moved from America to escape.

  But then, an event occurs that turns Kaori's life upside-down and has the potential to ruin it. To throw off the paparazzi, and offer her daughter more protection, her mom does the one thing no one ever expected.

  She makes her daughter join one of the most popular Korean pop bands in the whole world, Devil Beats, who's making their debut in Japan.

  But there's a catch...

  She has to join as a boy.

 Could things really get any worse?

DaphChan DaphChan Jun 04, 2012
I would read it but you have not updated in forever. Sounds like a good story.