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Dragon Realm (Lesbian Story)

Dragon Realm (Lesbian Story)

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Danni By DanniNightShade Completed

Waking up in a human world when your obviously not human, sucks. Finding out you have a twin sister in another world? That sucks too. Finding out she remembers everything while your mind is a clean slate? Now I'm just being toyed with. There's also the fact that I'm apparently the Goddess of Chaos and Destruction, and my twin is the Goddess of Order and Creation. Just when you thought it can't get any worse, now I'm in a world where everyone is some kind of monster or demon. Dragons? Bring it on.
My name is Akiya, and I'm going on an adventure. Yay me.

testfemale testfemale 3 days ago
O_o my reaction toward him would be kick him in the ball and try to run (I'll only get an foot away from him..I can't run)
testfemale testfemale 3 days ago
YOU JUST SAID THAT WAS YOU SISTER smh how could you two ....🤢
CayneDraconis CayneDraconis Jul 26, 2016
I've heard from a reliable source that 'Ballocks' just means 'Balls'. So, when our heroine says "complete ballocks" she means "complete balls".
Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Oct 02, 2016
I'm sorry but if I was her I'd look at that nigga like he was crazy but hey
BooksoftheWorld BooksoftheWorld Dec 04, 2016
Creep... think of that differently, and you have a another reason to report him to the cops, or kill him, whichever you like better
tormentedquad tormentedquad Oct 10, 2015
Part of me would love it to be true. But then the fear in me takes over.