The Alpha Loves Curves (Being Edited)

The Alpha Loves Curves (Being Edited)

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Aυѕтєη with an e, not an i By MadlyInsane13 Updated Mar 29, 2015

Serena Day hasn't had it easy being the "curvy one" in her family of model thin socialites. 

Especially with a full-time model older sister and a former super-model mother trying to help her lose those extra pounds. And now, they are giving it their all, hoping to convince Serena to put down the sweets and sweat off her size 18 waist line.

But the moment Serena starts her first day at Gray Oaks High School, things begin to turn around.

For one, the town's tall, dark and scorchingly sexy bad-ass Archer Black has taken a sudden interest in Serena...and her curves.
And he isn't about to let her slip by either.

But not all is well for long.

Aside from the fact that Serena has started to fall for Archer and his mysterious charm, it seems that her family has other plans for Serena.
Plans that include pairing her up with Adrian Steele, notorious badboy model and all around dreamy player.

And if that wasn't enough, soon after Adrian and Archer butt heads over Serena's heart, a dark secret is spilled out into the open that will change her life forever.

Archer and his circle of friends are werewolves....

And Archer is the alpha.

Now, with her heart on the line and the man she truly cares about fighting to keep her by his side, Serena will need to learn how to fight back in order to stay in Gray Oaks.

Or she'll risk losing more then just her heart....

[Copyrighted © 2013 MadlyInsane13]

rocker4life11 rocker4life11 Aug 26, 2016
Someone better hold me back...... You know what never mind where my squad at lets whoop this trig
CookieMonsterchica CookieMonsterchica Feb 03, 2016
18 inch waist line is like super small... So what are they talking about that it's fat
littleblackwolff littleblackwolff Jan 14, 2016
When scoot on the other side of the couch so your bf won't see what the hell you're drooling about
Zeratuf Zeratuf Sep 23, 2015
IF you love curves read "My Mosha" a curvy reader in trouble with her King Loki.
MissPoultryQueen MissPoultryQueen Aug 13, 2015
Ahh, he can have some of my fluffy deliciousness!! XD I know she was being serious, but this was too funny. :'D
Stop_drop_READ Stop_drop_READ May 10, 2015
The preface (is that what it's called?) is very captivating!