“To die would be an awfully big adventure.” – Peter Pan
    Death holds a grudge on Anastasia Elwood. The reason being that she cheats him. The first time she cheated Death, she had just been born. As a newborn, she had cancer. Somehow, she survived. The ice blue eyes she saw whenever she cheated Death might have had something to do with it.
    On the same day, every year, Death comes back for Anastasia. Each year, he fails. After Ana loses her best friends and moves away, Death has had enough. He attempts to kill her multiple times and will stop at nothing to get her. He doesn’t only want her now—but loves her, adores her. He is craving to give her the Kiss of Death. 
    Yet, Ana’s saviour won’t give in. As Ana begins to learn more about Death, neither will Ana. She can’t fight Death on her own but is there anything she can do to stop him? After all, Death cannot be dead. Maybe Ana will have to stop Cheating Death.
    * I don't own the photo used for the cover. I found it on tumblr
Jeex a girl who gets near to death experiences every year?
                                    Ok thats cool ^_^
And you would do good in a care home but I ain't complaining yet
Aww even though Conrad has died he is still cute, he died for ana
I think you meant psychology it's the study of mind and behaviour. 
I was listening to How to Save a Life when reading this. I'm crying right now.
Whoa....oh man. Husky voice? *shivers* murdering b!tch? *snarls* I think I will like this!