Protect Me

Protect Me

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SkinnyLove By SkinnyLove98 Updated Aug 07

Thea Walker is just a regular sixteen year old girl. A regular girl who goes through hell and back more times than anyone ever should. 

Will Kingsley is the schools resident bad boy, and the boy who saved Thea when she was attacked at a party.  Will becomes fiercely protective of Thea, but he can't protect her from everything.  

I'm terrible at descriptions, forgive me.  It's a romance/ adventure/ suspense story. Just read it, you won't regret it.

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Wait what? With Wattpad some books are like " BOOM!" Extreme and the other Ines are sweet and gentle so I can't tell if she's being literal or not
Why do all of the best friends have to have blonde hair? 😂. (NO HATE) I just read a lot and most of the books I read have the best friend white blonde hair...
No. Don't do it. We ALL know the 'quiet' place is where everyone get beat up, killed or raped. DONT DO IT
Hutch_7 Hutch_7 May 11
It was just once! Gosh! Pee in someone's Cheerios once and they never let it go!
nothingcanhurtme nothingcanhurtme Mar 18, 2016
I thought they were hazel correct me if im wrong... loving it so far, good job