He's Not My Type (Hiatus)

He's Not My Type (Hiatus)

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Antoinette By Author_Rome Updated Jun 06, 2017

*This story is currently on hiatus, but I hope to see all of you very soon, as I'm working on re-writing it completely! 
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I couldn't help but feel completely overwhelmed with emotion, as I really badly wanted to kiss him. His lips looked so soft and delicate, and his flushed face was outrageously adorable and slightly contagious. My heart had entered into an uncontrollable mess with the only exit being blurred exceedingly fast by increased sentiment.

"I think I'm in love with you," I confessed spontaneously with rosy cheeks, a quickened heart, and perhaps a bit of naivety.

With an almost cold expression, he unreservedly ruined my original impression of himself with a casual, "Who the fuck are you?"

Somehow, I always seem to fall for the normal ones, huh?                                                                       

Why should anyone have empathy for the school harlot? Seemingly thoughtless, Eliza slowly made her way through high school with somber feelings of undying regret and a constant lust for love. Unfortunately, she takes the same approach when she meets fragile and reserved Arian Bramwell. How will she adjust to a real love story, instead of the comfort of knowing that things would inevitability dissipate?  

Take a step into Eliza's weird thoughts and enjoy her constant rants, random ideas, daydreams, and how she handles a harsh reality that finding true love isn't as easy as cooking microwaveable burritos.
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