His Sunshine, Gabrielle

His Sunshine, Gabrielle

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"I fell in love with the way she falls asleep in my arms, the little snores that fall from her lips that taste like sweet honey, and I fell in love with the brightness she brought in to my life again.I fell in love with the innocent sun, she was my only light and now I lost her "    

         His Sunshine Gabrielle

what they have is forbidden,and based on lies,but they have love.
and love has no rules.not in their world.

*book one*

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     Cover by obsessed_reader

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patron_blue patron_blue Feb 13
Damn here I was thinking it was going to be the classic run away love but damn.
auntiecomaroll auntiecomaroll Mar 11, 2017
I've already read this but it's soo good im reading it again
riptide2004 riptide2004 Jun 09, 2016
that was just horrible (i don't mean your book or your writing style cause i thinks is going to be a great story ) i meant the fact that this stuff is actually happens, i cried almost all the way threw cause i thought this was going to happen, it's so sad :(
moonte3 moonte3 Jul 17, 2016
The birthdays for Bryson and Zachary don't make sense they were born 20 days after Bryson in the same year? How's that possible?
princess_charming20 princess_charming20 Mar 15, 2015
That would be really great!Your books are just irresistible and you know how to use your words to touch the reader's heart❤
princess_charming20 princess_charming20 Mar 15, 2015
I'm rereading this story all over again,I really miss it!❤❤