Dwindling Past (The CEOs Assistant)

Dwindling Past (The CEOs Assistant)

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Rose ♥ By EverRose Updated Apr 16, 2015

**** WAS 'The CEOs Assistant' ***** 

"So lets make a deal? How about it?" 

"W-what kind of deal?" 

" I'm in need of a Personal Assistant."

Enter the world of Maddeline Myers, and Handsome CEO, Liam Mason Alexander. Fast Relationships, Unexpected Welcomes, Secrets, and two people working against them, Can this possibly end well for anyone?

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lixbeth_duhhh lixbeth_duhhh Mar 12, 2016
Its almost a year and no update i found this book and its really good
IIhazelII IIhazelII Dec 23, 2016
I know there's different spellings in all but I don't think there's one with two d's my sister's name is spelled Madeleine with 3 E's but I also know the 2nd spelling Madeline as well. I just wanted to let you know. BAI! 💜
TheStoryOfMyLife18 TheStoryOfMyLife18 Apr 13, 2016
I wish he would say that to me I'll be like come on let's go let's fight, boy you don't know me , boo
Artexa Artexa Oct 13, 2016
Omg demanding much 😹 for all he could know she probably wasn't even fired 😹
empty_turtle empty_turtle Feb 16, 2015
Bitch please. You asked me to work for you. I'll show up when or if I please.
tuhstin tuhstin Dec 26, 2014
he could be an ax murderer or something... there's always that possibility