Ocular Rift

Ocular Rift

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BKlein By BrianKleinNYC Updated Jun 02

In Central, citizens are divided by version. Immersives, like Hana, rank highest among them, as long as she stays online. 

Wired for speed with a birthseed implant and a world of mixed reality, her training grinds to a sudden, dangerous halt. It's no time for a breakdown, or worse yet, a crash. People have been downgraded for less. 

But she can't avoid the debilitating headaches and images of the city on the verge of collapse. Convinced there must be more to her digitally-enhanced life, Hana is drawn into the illicit world of off-lining. There she discovers the lies that have kept her safe and a conspiracy that threatens everyone she knows.

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I really like how it starts - a strong and intriguing first paragraph which really makes me want to read on.
Interesting - I'm reminded of that MIT survey that came out recently, about self-driving cars...
Riveting and unique. I really like your writing style! A strong first chapter.
This is really interesting. The world you've created doesn't seem so far off, and what happens when the human body can't catch up is an intriguing question.
I love me a book that starts with a quote from  a future "text" - nice start! Dune-ish!
Good beginning. Tad Williams has a book called Otherworld with a similar premise. Your intro chapter has a good hook. :-)