My Alpha's Baby    (Complete)

My Alpha's Baby (Complete)

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Brooke Makenzie By KissyFaceKenzie Updated Dec 18, 2013

After a party with her best friend, Angel finds out that she is pregnant with the alphas child. It has been four years since she has seen her alpha mate and she misses him terrible. He comes back after training to be an alpha,he discovers Angel is still waiting for him like she promised. Only to find out,they have a bundle of joy of their own. Will they become a happy family?

Or will Angel be too afraid to be broken again to try?

Whoa wtf he do and how you tell someone you love them then tell them to go to jail and hell
No she's not okay her mate left for alpha training only hours after they had sex and although she doesn't know it yet she freaking pregnant
Idk bout you but that sounds fancy AF for a house party but what do I know I've never been to one
The way he said that made me think he was the baby's father for a second
Why are you smirking she's drunk, your sober get her to a bed and let her rest gosh
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 May 21, 2015
Let's hope that when. Zane comes back! She's going have a little Surprise for Him!