We're on Fire [Ziam]

We're on Fire [Ziam]

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ramie By zarrycupcake Updated Jun 08, 2015

Liam Payne is just your average fire-fighter. Strictly devoted to his job and loves it. His life is busy... but eh. He loves not having distractions.

But maybe girls setting their kitchens on fire just so the sexy fireman can arrive and put out 'their' fire... yeah, that's not so average.

Now comes in Zayn Malik. He's your typical peeping tom, the typical loner, perverted guy, who you never ever want to be neighbours with. Ever.

And when Zayn, during one of his usual afternoons (that consisted of casually stalking- er- observing his sexy curly-haired neighbour from the crack of his curtain) notices said neighbour's house catch on fire, he's a bit shaken, naturally.

But oh boy, that shake was nothing. 'Cos when Zayn lays his eyes on the sinfully sexy fireman that gracefully jumps out of the red fire truck, amidst the chaos, his arm muscles rippling, and the sturdy white hose grasped tightly in his strong and agile hands... yeah. Zayn simply can't help but eye-rape the hand-crafted masterpiece of God. 

Zayn is literally shaken, and not in the bad way.

And now... why the fuck is he having morbid thoughts of setting his house, and especially himself, on fire?

(Mainly Ziam, with slight Narry/Nouis.)

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ziamzarryz1D ziamzarryz1D Sep 10, 2016
I already like it and I haven't even got to the first chapter yet x
itsjustmelove_irish itsjustmelove_irish Aug 24, 2015
all these people in the comments below me had absolutely no idea that zayn would leave and that 2015 would be the literal worst year for the fandom i feel so
itsjustmelove_irish itsjustmelove_irish Aug 24, 2015
midnight memories. those were the days man. now we're on the fifth album i'm upset