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[#1 in Sci-Fi & #1 in Action] [Featured on a 5thWave reading list] 

Heather leads a team of seven experts and one lunatic on a mission to unveil the mystery of some recent activity at the infamous Bermuda Triangle. While she has no idea what could be waiting for them there, she knows one fact; it's a one-way ride.

Ready to get lost?

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Cnoble-07 Cnoble-07 Sep 09
This is one VERY EXCITING novel. It got so fast paced it made me have adrenaline myself. Good work.
hope1299 hope1299 Aug 26, 2016
I am the only who thought of Donald duck when i read "Donald"?
SharatChandraKuchi SharatChandraKuchi Jun 10, 2016
Dangerous Bermuda Triangle Devil Triangle and magnet power Underwater really Dangerous place This Underwater Big Pyramid found in Bermuda Triangle
when ur bermudian and someones writing a story called bermuda
AsmaaAbuaisha AsmaaAbuaisha Sep 24, 2016
I'm so hooked... never thought of the idea of waiting for death being worse than death itself. Goosebumps 😨
Bella_Higgin Bella_Higgin Jun 05, 2016
I've always been fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle, so I'm looking forward to this :)