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Bound To Be Mates

Bound To Be Mates

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Kiara By kiara23 Updated Aug 10, 2013

I thought I was the only one. Before I moved schools, being a wallflower with a bad case of shyness was how things were for me. My secret caused me to become socially awkward - that, and the fact that I was the only werewolf living in a human orphanage. 
Then he shows up. Jango Skye is demanding, possessive, and radiates dominance. He forced his way into my sheltered mind and proved to me that I wasn’t the only one out there. 
With that came the realisation that not only was I weak in the human society, but in the society where I belonged. I don’t stand a chance.  But Jango offered me something - protection. I didn’t want it, but he has a way of getting what he wants when he wants it. Somehow, I find myself wanting it like I've never wanted anything else before. 
Who knows, maybe being bound to him won’t be such a bad thing.

wildchic99 wildchic99 Mar 12, 2014
UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!! This book is really amazing! 
                              But you haven't updated in a very, very, very, long time! :'(
                              I really hope you get to at least finish the story because i think this book is pretty good and i dontwant it to go to waste.
FabellaIUlula FabellaIUlula Nov 28, 2013
This is good so far, I really like. I don't mean to be rude (or a freak if I'm the only one that smells it) but dirt and leaves do have a noticeable scent even for young kids. I don't know I'm just being picky, sorry, I like it so far.
mauritiangirl mauritiangirl Apr 14, 2013
@Zoey_Renee_Mills I agree with u, that comment was just plain RUDE AND MEAN, I like the name btw, I think it suits !
JustSmileKayy_ JustSmileKayy_ Feb 18, 2013
@TeamDamon145 come on! Don't be mean! Can't u just be cool and relax and read the amazing story?  @kiara23 your story is amazing! And I love it! Keep it up girl!!!!! xP and don't mind rude/ignorant people like that. They just want attention!!!
kiara23 kiara23 Jan 03, 2013
@AlyxandraEBatz she's a werewolf, not a normal wolf. This is a work of fiction; it's entirely possible for werewolves to see in colour better than humans
AlyxandraEBatz AlyxandraEBatz Jan 02, 2013
wolves see in black and white. so in no way would turning into one enhance your eye sight