The Alpha Saved Me

The Alpha Saved Me

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kelsey By Kelsohh Updated Jun 07

Victoria Day is an 18 year old girl who was raised in a pack house full of werewolves. Being the only human caused her to become an  outcast to the pack. No one liked her, no one wanted to be around her, everyone thought she was a freak. Everyone except one, Brett, the future alpha. According to the moon goddess, a werewolf may not forcefully mate with a human; the human must formally accept the mating request before they can officially be mated. Brett wants Victoria. He asks her to be his mate but when Victoria rejects him Brett becomes abusive.
Victoria runs away and ends up finding her real mate, Andrew, Alpha of the shadow pack. Will Victoria trust another alpha, or will she run for the hills? If she does stay with Andrew, can he protect her when Brett shows up again? Will Victoria get her happily ever after that she so badly deserves? 
Read and find out <3

TRIGGER WARNING. This story will contain scenes of abuse and some rape. nothing too graphic, but if you find yourself uncomfortable with that sort of  content I don't recommend reading this.

Let me be completely honest with you guys. This story is embarrassing. I started it like 2.5 years ago or something like that just for fun and its so cringy. I would go back and edit it, but I don't feel like it. I'm going to finish it and then maybe ill edit it? probably not.
Don't get me wrong I have good ideas and I like where the story is going right now, but the first few chapters especially.... man oh man.. don't say I didn't warn you.
Y'all should totally read it. Give it a chance. And hey if you don't like the first few chapters (or the whole story idk???) at least you can laugh at how fucking awkward it is. 

But to those of you who actually like this story: yall are pretty neat. thanks for voting and commenting and trudging through lmao. 

***also i don't update regularly. I started the story however many years ago and it only has 16 parts so don't expect too much of me. Okay. Bye.

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ihavethemunchies ihavethemunchies Jun 05, 2014
Victoria is such a sweetheart! i am loving where this story is going! great job!
Ashley2354 Ashley2354 Dec 30, 2013
Oh my god. this book is amazing! and this is only the first chapter?!?! ahh so excited!