Fang (boyxboy)

Fang (boyxboy)

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Diane Bennett By ijakegirl Updated Jul 18

It's been five years since Ian's sister was brutally murdered by a serial killer. In one year, three girls have been murdered-all in the exact way his sister was. On the eve of her death, he searches once again for clues to identify her killer.

But he's chasing something that can't be killed by human hands, something that won't stop until it gets what it wants. And Ian is an obstacle.

//Second Edition//

[Also known as "Mr. Fang"]

Dun wørry søn yøu're gay. Yøu just dun know it yet. Yøu may know søøn but it's prøbably Nøt Tøday. |-/ (økay I is dun with this fren. It was terrible.)
veronica-h veronica-h Aug 26
I think that the first few sentences would have a greater impact if you made them as separate paragraphs. Give an element of mystery.
- - Aug 14, 2016
......he's SUCH a stalker....both of them. And Ian. You don't mumble against hands on your mouth. You LICK. It usually works.
Omnivore-_- Omnivore-_- Jul 03, 2016
I just realized that I've read this story before. when it was called Mr. Fang but I'm going to read it again anyway because it was good
SerenityBrave SerenityBrave Nov 15, 2016
Ok so where does the rewritten end? And will you continue rewriting?
OhDeerie OhDeerie Jun 13, 2015
When you've read so many fics you thought that was Mr Sex for a second or two.