Getting kidnapped by a sexy vampire....!

Getting kidnapped by a sexy vampire....!

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CrisAnn By CrisAnn Updated Dec 26, 2014

Chapter One

It was 12:30 the last time I looked at the clock. The party was starting to die down and I wanted to get home before my dad had a conniption, and grounded me for being out too late again. I was almost half way down the street when I heard a car pull up on my right and roll down the window.  

"Kristin, want a ride home?" my best friend Lea called to me from the passengers' side of her boyfriend John's car.   

"No thanks Lea I'm good" My house is only five minutes away and plus John is a really bad drunk and I don't want to be around when they start fighting.  

It was starting to get really dark at the intersection of Lincoln and Maine, my house is on Lincoln one of the darkest streets in this town. The street light started flickering and I felt a shrill of wind down my spine. As I was passing the first house on my street I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I automatically turned around and froze; there was a guy who looked not much older than me if not my age st...

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oh no he didnt...............😡😡😡😡😡 or,maybe he did😐😐😐😐
She's letting her best friend ride in a car with her boyfriend who is drunk?
I know a bad time to say this butttt, whatever, continuing, 20 SECONDS. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY THAT ACCURATE, BECAUSE DANGGGG!
mef_kr mef_kr Feb 15, 2016
All of a sudden I have images in my head of different colors of hair and a guitar player
midnight_134 midnight_134 Feb 09, 2016
Did he really just ask her why is it bleeding so much? Like u just threw her across the god damn room
ImMendesMuffin ImMendesMuffin Dec 30, 2015
Why am I thinking of michael clifford all of a sudden ... oh idk IM A CRAZED FAN