My Guardian Witch || TRANSFORMERS

My Guardian Witch || TRANSFORMERS

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【 J A Z Z ¿ 】 By DevilishQueenisHere Updated Jan 01


           Have you ever heard a witch joining to a battle of

                                    Intergalactic beings?

"Should I say what you humans call "quotes" to assuage or inspire them? I don't think so, because personally-it's   
                 their own choice whether to join or not."

One guardian witch. Two jittery teenagers, and an  otherworldly battle with the beings called,    "cybertronians."

A perfect recipe to delightfully taste destruction with a hint of harmony.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the franchise of the transformers neither the movies and original characters on it. I simply do own my own twist in my story and other things put in it.

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