He WaNtS Me || Wattys 2018

He WaNtS Me || Wattys 2018

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___lil___angel___ By ___lil___angel___ Updated Aug 09

"Well, well baby girl let me tell you something..." he said pushing me to the wall. "You'll soon be mine, in fact you already are mine, and nobody touches what's  mine"

"I'm not yours and I'll never be" I said trying to push him away, but he was too strong.

"I'll see you soon princess, I'll see you soon, and even your brothers won't be able to get you away from me " he said and then disappears.

"What am I going to tell to my brothers?" I thought.


Maya Clark was a 17 year old girl with a perfect life. After she finished high school she decides to move from L.A to London where her brothers live. Maya is the most important thing to her brothers. Alan, Jake, Shown and Sam. For Maya every day of her life was the same until he saw her.

Sebastian King he is well a typical bad boy, he is the leader of the most dangerous gang in London. He was heartless, arrogant, evil, and he will kill you if you disrespect him. Well he owns London. But what happens when he sees Maya and He Wants Her?? What happens when he notices that he isn't the only person who takes interest in her??   

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jellyellie06 jellyellie06 Aug 15, 2017
I think the author might like Black Butler, since the main character is called Sebastian and he is English!!!!
Ejfanft Ejfanft Jul 22, 2017
It would be your father and I not I and your father but your doing great!
- - Oct 15, 2017
Shoot I want brothers who ward away weirdos the only thing my brother does is sit on me
BreeKnighly BreeKnighly Jan 25
They kinda knew because they already bought the tickets didn't they😏
Of course all the bad boys gottta be dangerous and off limits, way to spoil my day bro
kayleigh_haughton kayleigh_haughton Dec 03, 2017
I love how Alan is like he’s the most dangerous gangleader in London, lets go home and tell us about your flight