The Road Trip

The Road Trip

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Addison Knight is my name, playing nice is not my game.  Well, that's not completely true.  It's only with the Daniels' that I'm not civil.  They're annoying, bothersome, jerks who are practically my brothers.  We grew up together so we're always on each others nerves.  On my seventeenth birthday - the year my parents agreed to take me on a road trip - my life turns into a disaster.  Call me over dramatic if you want, but when your cozy little trip across the country suddenly turns into a massive, chaotic circus, you're not going to be the happiest goldfish in the box.


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Posted 5/20/12
Completed 7/30/12

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XxsincerelyyoursxX XxsincerelyyoursxX Jul 26, 2017
I love how everyone doesn't like him bc same I got a baaaad feeling
zoiekate zoiekate Aug 13, 2017
you can hate the mother but don't hate the baby, she hasn't even been born
thebestamy thebestamy Jan 15
Omg I'm glad I'm not the only one who's got a bad feeling about him
Dont1Look1At1Me Dont1Look1At1Me Aug 25, 2017
Ew make him cheat already I dont care if he hasnt been introduced
_so_Dun _so_Dun Apr 09, 2017
I am not a good dancer 
                              Hi I'm 13 - professional dad dancer 
                              For an extra tenner I can also add the very special dad jokes