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The Road Trip

The Road Trip

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Sammie By XxSwimmer_ChickxX Completed

Addison Knight is my name, playing nice is not my game.  Well, that's not completely true.  It's only with the Daniels' that I'm not civil.  They're annoying, bothersome, jerks who are practically my brothers.  We grew up together so we're always on each others nerves.  On my seventeenth birthday - the year my parents agreed to take me on a road trip - my life turns into a disaster.  Call me over dramatic if you want, but when your cozy little trip across the country suddenly turns into a massive, chaotic circus, you're not going to be the happiest goldfish in the box.


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Posted 5/20/12
Completed 7/30/12

_so_Dun _so_Dun Apr 09
I am not a good dancer 
                              Hi I'm 13 - professional dad dancer 
                              For an extra tenner I can also add the very special dad jokes
zoey_ferrishughes1 zoey_ferrishughes1 Feb 11, 2016
I love asl litterally ill be talking to someone at home or at school and ill catch my self signing or at home just signing random words lol
-wallflowerr -wallflowerr May 31, 2016
You should see me and my friends.. We're not even in any type of sports
Love_Me_Hopeless Love_Me_Hopeless Mar 25, 2016
Do you know what type of dancing that is? I want to take dance and do that kind but I don't know what kind of dance it is.
ALilBitOfSunshine ALilBitOfSunshine Oct 30, 2016
Something tells me that the treck guy has a lot to do in this story. Are my cupid instincts write? Scratch that. Don't tell me I should read on to find out
fucking_pussy fucking_pussy Feb 20, 2016
The first time my older cousin talked was to me bc we're really close and I cried then after that he called me a pussy