Back In Time

Back In Time

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hiding By thatonerdychick Updated Sep 18

Everyone makes mistakes and all of us want to be forgiven.
Love is just another reason to do this.
"You ungrateful despicable jerk!!  I screamed at the man in front of me.

"Only for you babe."he said whilst adding a wink.

I huffed and walked away while he watched me amused.

"I love you."he said invading in my personal space I huff moving away.

"You have a great way of showing it."

"You are a evi- he cuts me of mid sentence by kissing me passionately.

A smirk finds its way on his lips
"You were saying babe?"he added cockily.

And me being me I just blushed.

........... .........................................

Life has a funny way of turning out well for people.....

Its funny you put together

A badass girl..

Her two best friends

Annoying boss

Cocky lover

Lots of humor

Wild adventure

And u got a time travel story

"Women of the past rule the future."

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Wow the first chapter is so amazing i might actually read this whole book in less than a week