I Guess I'm a Werewolf Now

I Guess I'm a Werewolf Now

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Fangirl In A Trenchcoat By crazykotsyf Completed

Everyone has a favorite book. They've read it twice, three times... 

Isabella has read her favorite book fourteen times. She knows what happens in every page, even the dialogues by heart.

When she received a special edition of the book she was ready to read it for the fifteenth time, but something was different this time.

The last thing she remembers is opening a blank book and then...?

She wakes up in a strange, but a bit too familiar world, where she ends up being the center of attention. The lead character of a story she knows too well.

She has to find a way to go back to the real world before bad things start happening and she has to go up against the villain of the story, but...

If you had the chance to live in a world with the fictional characters you've loved so much, wouldn't you just go with it?

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