Years Apart

Years Apart

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Kind Devil By HooliganImagination Updated Jul 17, 2017

When Scarlett was younger she was in love with her old brother's best friend , who was five years her senior. It didn't help that he was around the mansion all the time and promised to marry her when they were kids. After an unfortunate turn of events, she has to leave everything she has ever known with a broken heart and a newly found anxiety disorder.

After six long years, Scarlett Josephine Lennox has been invited back into her family home. She was disowned since she was seventeen and has been living on her own for those six years. Now twenty-three and much more mature, she went back to her hometown of Selinsgrove to try to make everything right with her family, but will they accept her with open arms or put everything in stone? Has she.truly changed? What do her childhood love, Beau, and his evil girlfriend do to this experience? 

They complicate and make everything difficult for our Scarlett.

Will Beau keep his promise and sweep her off of her feet like the princess she had always wanted to be?

Read on and find out if she will come out unharmed.

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