The Boys Across The Street

The Boys Across The Street

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Lalam_ By Lalam_ Updated Jul 28

Shays the new girl. Shes been moving around a lot and she only moves away when her Mom cant get any money from her boy toy. Shay Moves to a new town goes to a new school but the school and town is like no other. In a way its different. 

While there Shay discovers new things about herself that she couldn't even imagine. She also learned things that she couldn't even imagine about the people around her. She learns the one thing that blew her mind.

Shes not human.

Not only does she find that out but she finds out that because she isn't bad things will happen.

#2 Werewolf #8 teenfiction 5/8/14

It literally says "I waved my hand dismissively before walking into the house and shutting the door?" Why the is there a question mark 😆
I swear if that little girl dies cause of the mother, imma punch someone. I can't really punch the mom so i might punch my brother instead.
Boys are pigs. So it's only natural if they get hit in their nose with the ole "pig skin"
Reading this made me emotional and thankful for the mom I have
1- her mother reminds me of the mother in John Tucker Must Die
                              2-Her mother is a real bïtch no wonder no man sticks around
Her mom sounds like felicity smoaks mom with out the boy toys