The Bet with Mr Bad Boy (Editing)

The Bet with Mr Bad Boy (Editing)

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PettyPoynter By PettyPoynter Updated Nov 05

Everybody's lives are different. Whether it's family problems, love problems or friends problems.

Take Morgan Hayes for example. A reserved, nerdy girl. Though, she doesn't wear glasses, she receives straight A's in school. Living with her mum and her twin brother Oliver(Ollie), hasn't been hard for her at all.

She's not the party type of girl, she likes to stay in and read her novels. Yet, your best friend Callie decides to drag her to her first party ever. Just her luck, she bumps into Mr.Bad Boy, River Hensley, who's on the football team and happens to be best friends with Ollie.

As they bump into each other again, they decided to make a bet. One that would change their lives.

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