Catch Me, Mr Alpha

Catch Me, Mr Alpha

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monkogs12 By monkogs12 Updated Jan 13

The way she made his body act was incredible. She felt high, like she had so much power. Who knew she could control such a delicious looking man with only her voice? He was a slave to her, it amazed her.

Chloe was never into the idea of holding on, she wanted to be chased. Never before has any guy ran after her, that was until she met Ryan Oliveri.. Or Rocco, which is what he likes to be called. Chloe was fanasinated by the attractive, strong man and wasn't surprised when he flirted with her- which most guys did.

 She told him off, but he chased her. But the question is- will he catch her? Or will he give up before he could? And when he lets some secrets slip, Will Chloe accept him for what he really is- even if it's exactly what had nearly killed her brother days earlier?

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Tajj1125 Tajj1125 Jun 14, 2016
Great chapter! Siblings always tried to get the other in trouble. My brothers always did that to me. Lol!
im_just_blue im_just_blue Mar 25, 2015
i think she looks pretty on the first picture but fake in the second one.
perfectlyblue perfectlyblue Jul 24, 2014
Sadly I'm the youngest but my brothers are extremely lazy they make me do they're chores
sammy20mcneley sammy20mcneley Jul 23, 2014
I know the feeling my sister STILL LIVES AT HOME AND SHE LIVES HERE FREE AND SHE IS 26 ALMOST 27 AND I AM SICK OF HER even though I love her she needs to get her own place on the bright side my brother just moved out at 21but still MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! PS love you sis
ChloeQueenOfCats ChloeQueenOfCats May 03, 2014
I think it weird that you have both my first and middle name the same as hers... Have you been stalking me?
xKiraxD xKiraxD Sep 11, 2013
Grammar was terrible, couldn't read past the third paragraph.