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Sensational Torture ( Vampire BDSM/Romance)

Sensational Torture ( Vampire BDSM/Romance)

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Doyan By DoyDoy143 Updated Aug 11, 2016

"Oh Yes" Oshyn moaned as Devonte sucked her neck.His hands traveled up her inner thighs and stopped at her wet valley.He slowly massaged her valley as her moans became louder and louder with each rub.He kissed her hard and firmly on her plump lips and slip her panty line over.He took two of his large fingers and slowy entered her paradise.He slowly pushed his fingers in and out.Oshyn screams get louder with each pump.Turned on by her screams, Devonte pump his finger faster and harder out of her fat wet pussy.Oshyn moves her hips forward and Devonte stopped and gave Oshyn a devious look."I am in charge, stay still."Oshyn immediatly agreed and was having a hard time staying still.She was almost at her breaking point and Devonte felt it."Don't cum until i say you can".As he pump harder and harder her legs her going numb and shaking."Mmmmm you're so tight" Devonte moaned.When she heard that she came and was going to be punished.

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lluviaise lluviaise Jun 11, 2016
It does hurt especially if you guys are dating for almost 2 years in a half and you find out on your birthday that they were together for almost half of the relationship.
lovemesomezak lovemesomezak May 30, 2016
Oh yes! Hurt like a bitch but not as much as the punch on the mouth I gave my so-called best friend