The Zombie Prophecies

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Adam Sigrist By sigrist Updated a month ago
(((Returning June 2015!!)))
    Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, indiscriminately; they find you no matter where you are and won't hesitate to make you cry, tear your heart out or eat your brains. Nobody's safe in this complex story, packed with diverse characters and pulse pounding action.
    After Donovan's bitten, his boyfriend Jasper lies about it to protect him, is it a misguided attempt at chivalry or could Jasper know more than he's letting on? Suspicious of her friends, Vicky makes a valiant attempt at getting home to her daughter with her friend Noah and tempers flare as they deal with their own set of secrets and lies.
    Meanwhile, Daryl learns a thing or two about having his heart ripped out -- metaphorically at least. Felicia, his wife, is dead set on collecting payment for that lesson too. The zombie apocalypse isn't all it's cracked out to be for Daryl and his family, or the new one he finds on a farm that's taking in refugees. 
    And in the middle of it all, an apartment complex built on top of a strip mall. Power to the city's been out for days, but a red beacon on the roof calls out to survivors. The old man in charge says he just wants to help, but as our heroes cross paths inside the tower of secrets they quickly discover that nothing is as it seems.
    A book for horror lovers and fans of twisted plots with overlapping story lines, one that begs you to keep reading and unravel the tapestry of mysteries woven together by secret organizations and monstrous mutations. In a world where zombies roam the streets and a beast fuels their rage, beware of the undead, but don't forget to keep an eye out for the living.
2 things
                                    1. my 7th grade teacher has 2 books out and i believe it is on amazon too
                                    2. when i read the description all that came in my mind was 'faaalllliiiccciiiaaaa'
Hey Mr. Sigrist. I've been waiting for the full version of this to be back here on Wattpad. I was hoping I could re-read this again, but since the sample is only available. I can't start re-reading. Hope that gets posted ASAP. Thanks! Great story.
@hdjerry I understand that, but I'm sorry, my family and I just can't afford to pay money like that, even if it isn't a lot.
Would you please shut up! *real posh British accent*
                                    I'm trying to read this book if you wouldn't be so dear to consider my feelings.
                                    Great book though. Your talented, keep it up.
I usually dont read a book a second time unless I really like it, and this is my second!  lol kinda sad its only a sample but  alot of awesome things aren't free! lol
For those of us who actually have Living Dead Disease, this is not a fun read.