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Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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__Inspire__ By __Inspire__ Completed

You know how in every story, the girl gets rejected and tries to make her Alpha mate all jealous with another dude and in the end her and her Alpha mate end up together all Happily. Ever. And After?.   

Well of coarse, being the different person I am, I'm the girl who just had to fall for the wrong person.

Avalon was never the girl to get revenge on others. She always believed that revenge was for the angry and manipulative people and wanted nothing to do with it. That is until she is rejected by her mate, Alpha Lyndon Young.   After being rejected, Avalon and her wolf both are left with a broken heart. So she does the one thing logical,          

Revenge......just not on purpose.    

So get ready, sit back, and relax because this is going to be a story full of heart stopping moments, weird reactions, and total recalls.          

 _Inspire <3
Highest Ranking; #1 in Werewolf
[Title edited 11/21/16 because all the comments about the grammatical error I made when I was like 13 were piling up :)]

- - Feb 09, 2016
Read this book two times on my old profile but I had to delete for personal reason. It's soo good, read guys, read!!!!
impossible_colours impossible_colours Apr 26, 2016
Shouldn't HAVE! HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, HAVE! Please for the love of God and all that is holy fix the horrific grammatical error in your title!! Your title! Couldn't you have spellchecked it? Asked someone to proofread it? Something?
CheckmateFanfics CheckmateFanfics Aug 27, 2016
It's funny how the grammar mistakes started even before the first chapter and are apparent in the title... It's SHOULDN'T HAVE, not SHOULDN'T OF.
_ellipsism _ellipsism Feb 07, 2016
Bro, just pointing out that isn't the title supposed to be "Shouldn't HAVE Rejected Me" instead of "of"? Have a great day! xx
Nilahzworld Nilahzworld Nov 13, 2015
I love it phoebe tonkin is one of my favourite actresses because she is pretty and started in H2O: Just Add Water
1narcissuslady 1narcissuslady Aug 29, 2015
I don't know if this was in purpose but your title uses incorrect English grammar.  it's shouldn't have. shouldn't of makes no sense