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[Sequel to College Life]
    One year later and Jesse and Rayne are put to the test when both of them agree to do a reality television show. They both meet for the first time in so long and as expected, it's emotionally draining. Their summer is going to be a very exciting one, because they're joined by two other exes that will help them through their emotional rollercoaster. One Last Chance will be a show that is going to be remembered by many. Three ex couples are put into a beach house for one summer. The drama that awaits them will be their final decision. Will they stay together or will they remain as exes?
I just finished reading "college life". I was devastated when i discovered the sequel discontinued. Sigh
OMG they've changed so much but at the same time they're exactly the same it's scary and exciting and omg I'm gonna cry O.O :p XD
*snorts in excitement* ❤️ the moment I've been waiting for :D ❤️lol
Awkies..... O.O lol it's sad cause if do that without meaning to as well :p
At least didn't make out with someone while you were still together
I have a request!!! Can you please make a Drarry( draco malfoy and harry potter) fanfiction because you are an amazing writer ???!!