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Howl If You're Not Human

Howl If You're Not Human

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Bianca By Stormwhite Updated Aug 23, 2011

Okay, so get this?
Mom decides to up and move to Washington, to be closer to my dad. Thankyou, by the way, to the authour's of those wonderful parenting books she keeps reading.
So I figure, what the hey, I'll make some new friends and reconnect with my dad, or something along those lines. I'll graduate, go to college, and along the way I'll meet some guy, get married, have 2.5 kids and a house with a white picket fence.
Not exactly a plan, but it was my plan.
What I didn't factor in to this ever-changing equation was Quinn, and his friend Chad. They pester me until I decide to give them the time of day, and poof! a week later they're telling me I'm a werewolf.
The sex/puberty talk got nothing on that particular conversation.
Goodbye, college. Goodbye, husband and 2.5 children. Goodbye, white picket fence.
Now I'm thrust into the world of werewolf politics, uncovering secrets about my family I wish I could leave buried, making new and exciting friends and meeting new people--when those people don't want to eat me, that is--and maybe, just maybe, falling in love along the way.
Maybe I will be able to follow my plan...
Then again, my plans hadn't factored in a boyfriend who howls at the full moon...

- - Dec 18, 2013
lolz cant wait to start reading, have to say, i would now the cover designs anywhere :P youve got a ribbet original on your hands ;D omg but i love how you start this book of, the writing before the story is a true hook ^^
ReadLikeAPro15 ReadLikeAPro15 Apr 27, 2013
this is a nice book although i cant stop thinking about what will happen in soul bound
SoullessDeath SoullessDeath Jun 16, 2011
@ShadowReckoning i chose my name because... that my username for most things... i might change it though
Stormwhite Stormwhite Jun 16, 2011
@Livileigh @MizzyP thank you, Olivia :) I chose the name because it was a little out there, and because it was original. 
SoullessDeath SoullessDeath Jun 16, 2011
@ShadowReckoning @MizzyP  
                              Not to get in your buisness and sisterly stuff but i don't think Mizzy should judge the names.
                              And Shadow, maybe your name IS alittle out there but its still a good name. 
                              SOrry to get in but PEACE!
                              <3 Olivia
Stormwhite Stormwhite Jun 14, 2011
@MizzyP Leave me alone. I like my username, thank you very much. And as you may forget, I am the bigger sister. Meaning I can squash you should I choose.