If Tomorrow Never Comes-(GirlXgirl)

If Tomorrow Never Comes-(GirlXgirl)

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Cuddles18 By Flipqy19 Updated Apr 26, 2018

Her Name is Pie, Pie Suchar. I feel strange by saying her name. She has something special that no one else can touch. Honestly, even though she acts like being a savage or a sly girl, well sometimes she is. I thought I will not fall for her. You know, I thought that she's a soft rose who is so calm and tamed. I thought she have a lady like manners because her face is so calm to look at, nonetheless she isn't like ladies I've thought. Just like people said, "Don't judge the book by its cover". As time goes by, our friendship went deeper. And I realize that, she's really a psychopath. I can't understand her at times, she's moody, she's a boss, many times she's like my leader and I was her servant. She has many attitudes and traits. She's very unpreditable like a weather. Yes, I do sometimes hate her, But if you'll read my whole story, I'll warn you it's gonna be a roller coaster ride. Well, it's been that days we've spent time together. I always dream and wish to be together forever with her. And yeah? We plan that too.   

However, my fate...

But let me tell you how I first met her...

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