Fine Line [3] » Breaking Dawn

Fine Line [3] » Breaking Dawn

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Just when Hazel thought things were finally going to get better, the vampires create an even bigger problem than the pack's ever dealt with before. And she doesn't know what to do this time around.

It's always been simple for her; save the girl that her brother loves from dangerous vampires in Italy, then from a blood crazy newborn vampire army coming to Forks. But now she has to save the town from the vampires she had just been fighting alongside. And to make matters worse, she now has to stand against her brother.

She has to make a choice; do her duty as a werewolf and fight alongside her pack, or stay loyal to her brother and protect the girl he loves. She knows she'll be betraying someone no matter which side she chooses.

So in a situation where you lose either way, what's the right decision?


Book three in the Hazel Black trilogy

  • black
  • cullens
  • enemies
  • hatred
  • hazel
  • imprint
  • love
  • loyalties
  • pack
  • paul
  • protection
  • relationships
  • renesmee
  • rivalries
  • siblings
  • tested
  • vampires
  • volturi
  • war
  • werewolves