==== DISCONTINUED ====A Ghouls Rise | Sequel to A Ghouls Silence (TG FF)

==== DISCONTINUED ====A Ghouls Rise | Sequel to A Ghouls Silence (TG FF)

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Yoon-ki-Min By Yoon-ki-Min Updated Dec 08


Everything's changed. 

Rima is now the newly appointed leader of Aogiri Tree with a demon whispering in her ear, and Kaneki has no clue how to help her while he gets the news of her battles a day after they happen. 

But the question is, does Rima even want the help?

Rima's number one mission right now is to end all those who hurt Kaneki, and those who wish to stand in her way. 

Kaneki's number one mission is to keep Rima from self destructing, and to bring her back to the girl he fell in love with. 

If the two come into battle, how will Kaneki stop Rima's rampage? and will Rima forget her agenda and fall back into the arms she has been longing for for years now? or will the devils voice in her ear end up killing them both?

(This is the third and final book in my 'Ghouls Series'. I own nothing except for the characters I made, and the story plot that I have came up with. Everything else belongs to Ishida! Hope you enjoy!)

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mangareadergirl13 mangareadergirl13 Mar 25, 2017
Nice chapter. Rima kinda reminds of white haired Kaneki now.
ashekyl23 ashekyl23 Apr 11, 2017
So i was right Rima is badass. Well anyways love the story!!
                              Keep updating pls