Seeking Vengeance - Pokemon Betrayed Fanfic

Seeking Vengeance - Pokemon Betrayed Fanfic

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~T.Jeff By phociian Updated Jul 23

Edited version of my old betrayed story.

Ash Ketchum is dead.

Yep, you heard that right. He's dead. From the rubble rose someone new. Enter: Crimson Red.

Crimson's just trying to make a life for himself as a Master Class Trainer attending the Pokémon School in the tropical region of Alola. He has nowhere to sleep until his teacher, the island Pokémon Professor, finds out and allows him to move in, even going to far as to adopt him later on.

He promised that after catching every Pokémon, beating each Grand Trial, obtaining each and every Z-Crystal and training his Pokémon to their peak potential, he'll bring down Team Rocket. Crimson's here to finally get his vengeance.

Amourshipping (one-sided) vs Pokéshipping vs Aureliashipping vs Blueangelshipping (one-sided)

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