Peter........ Peter Pan (Robbie Kay/OUAT)(Completed)

Peter........ Peter Pan (Robbie Kay/OUAT)(Completed)

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Rumplestilskin wants revenge on his father. Peter Pan. The only way he can do it is in the most cruel way possible. Through Love.

Is it possible though? Can Pan let anyone in?

Rumple still takes the chance and sends one of the only people he can trust on this mission. He sends a local storybook girl that no one knows of in storybook, to Neverland on her mission. Will she succeed. Her mission is to capture Pan's heart and destroy it. In Hope's she doesn't destroy her own heart, read about Cory on her love adventure.

(season 3 start off)
Please tell me if I should continue!

All I imagine is Peter standing next to me poking my shoulder repeatedly confused
XxFantasy101xX XxFantasy101xX Feb 29, 2016
Finally someone is using my name!... We'll sort of... Mines spelled Cori
alyssamikaelson alyssamikaelson Sep 04, 2016
Omg stop complaining about him saying "darling" instead of "dearie"
                              It's a nickname, it's cute, it's just for her!
Killjoy1245 Killjoy1245 Aug 29, 2016
Every one does that when pan introduces himself to the main character
Hang on a minute just let me do this quickly then. *starts swearing* Kay. U were saying?
Sparkey0322 Sparkey0322 Feb 06
Guys this is her own fanfic. It doesn't matter what he says in OUAT. It's special to show their relationship