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My Very Own Alpha

My Very Own Alpha

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321dream By 321dream Completed

(Harmony) He made sure not to touch me as he lowered his head close to my ear. "My little mate, you are strong" My eyes widened, as his warm breath crossed my skin making me want to cling to him and shiver at the same time. But shock from his words registered in my brain. Is he rejecting me? What is he talking about? Before I could think to hard into his words his lips pressed lightly on my forhead sending my emotions flying through me. "I am sorry little one. You will be okay, I promise." He whispered to me as his lips brushed across my forhead when he spoke.  I jerked my head up to look at him, to see what he was talking about, I needed to see reassurance that he wasn't rejecting me. But his eyes held nothing but sorrow and sympathy before he pressed his lips to mine for one last kiss..... (Carson) I couldnt say the words, I just couldn't reject her. I had completely planned on it, I really did....... but I am weak damnit! When she looked up at me and I seen the fear, hurt and love in her eyes I just couldn't, not yet.                                                                                                     Harmony at 16 is uprooted from her life in Miami at the loss of both her parents, shipped to a small frozen town. She tries to mend her heart and finds a chance when she meets her mate, the Alpha, a young, cocky, hard headed Carson.                                                                                                          Carson wants nothing more then to take his place as Alpha, and he will as soon as he finishes training. He has his life planned out to the letter. He has the life, the friends, the chicks until he meets his mate. The one thing he never had in his plans, the one thing he can't afford, just the weakness of a mate.... packs also have their eye on Carson's mate because any wolfblood knows a mated Alpha is a strong one, and that is something they just can't afford.

loveclaira loveclaira Apr 14, 2016
Idc about looking like 'the dang Michelin Man' I just wanna be warm
LouiseCA LouiseCA Feb 07, 2016
Stop being smart it don't matter why don't u write a book and see how many mistakes you make
- - Jan 26, 2016
Same with Durban South Africa,  we don't know what winter is like