Love Don't Cost A Thing (COMPLETE)

Love Don't Cost A Thing (COMPLETE)

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Devin Armani Booker gets what he wants, when he wants it. No if, ands, or buts about it. He's used to girls falling head over heals for him.

But what happens when he comes face to face with his biggest rival yet? And I'm not talking about any of the NBA teams. I'm talking about the gorgeous girl that he sees at every home game.

The girl that will make him actually work for what he wants. The girl that won't back down without a fight.

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"It's not everyday that I get to see a pretty face like yours. What's your name baby girl?" Devin asked, in his deep husky voice.

"My names Ryan. And I know what you're up to Devin. I'm not falling for it." Ryan responded.

He smirked, knowing that she would definitely be worth fighting for.

"Oh yeah? Those pretty green eyes say otherwise." He responded, sending her his million dollar smile.

"These green eyes can say many things. And I'm pretty sure hoe isn't one of them." She replied, more sternly.

He chuckled, now standing directly in front of her 5'9" figure, compared to his 6'6" one. He looked down at her, swiftly wrapping one arm around her waist and pulling her close.

"I get what I want baby girl. And as of right now, I want you. What will it cost to have you?" He mumbled against her ear.

Ryan felt a slight shiver down her spine, hoping that Devin didn't notice. Too bad for her, he did notice.

"My love don't cost a thing Mr. Booker." She exclaimed, standing her ground despite the proximity between the two.

He chuckle once again.

"That's daddy to you." He said, leaving a kiss on her ear and a slight smack on her behind.

He pulled away from her, leaving her in shock. He smirked, exiting the club with his teammates/close friends.

Devin Armani Booker, star Shooting Guard for the Phoenix Suns, just outdid himself. To a level that not even his friends could reach. Expert.