The Dearly Disturbed

The Dearly Disturbed

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Shelby By RiverGardenGirl Updated Oct 08

Step into the forest and you may find The Witch waiting on the other side. Beware, beware. Be of great fright, for curses await you whom wander in the night.


The camping trip was a harmless idea. Nothing like eating smores by the fire to make a group of anxious teens forget about their high school careers. Of course, the four friends, including the unfortunate passerby in the woods, end up getting themselves caught in a nightmare that is incredibly mad. When Ruby goes missing, her friends leave the camp, determined to find her. However, the search party unknowingly steps into the Under Realm and is greeted by its ruler, Ceridwen. As a welcome gift, the witch curses each of the five teens and traps them in her world.

A year goes by and escape seems hopeless, but the Pumpkin Head was far from giving up. He had an idea. An idea so deliciously horrifying and ridiculously daring one would deem it impossible. 
It would require the Five to face their greatest fear: themselves...and it may also involve challenging the most powerful witch in the Under Realm. 

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