Too strong. (A Percy Jackson fan fic)

Too strong. (A Percy Jackson fan fic)

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Percy Jackson has just saved the world. Again.  And one day while he was hanging out with his cousins (Thalia, and Nico) and his new best friend Jason Grace, the gods decide that they were too strong, and that they needed to be destroyed. Of course, Percy and his cousins weren't going to here it. So they ran away. When a mysterious figure gives them new found powers, and immortality, how will the 4 use it? To rule the world? To get revenge on the ones that they once called friends, and then betrayed them?       

Find out in too strong.

(This is the first book in it's series)


Why do you hate our dad, Percy?!?! He's obviously the BEST god EVER!!!!
TheOriginalClone TheOriginalClone 2 days ago
Annie: *hugs random as fvck guy* *turns to percy* whoops, I thought you died *shrugs*
LyraBalaqua LyraBalaqua Jan 02
Awesum! Dam u r Good! Just poor Percy, Annabeth doesn't like him anymore, I didn't she would ever leave him!!!
LeilaniMonster LeilaniMonster Dec 25, 2016
Impossible you said Jason was his best friend not his cousin then say that Jason is apart of th3 children of the big three when the Roman God's don't have them as the big three and you forgot hazel.
Wow, but I guess he has a point. The only thing he got from him to defend himself was a sword and water powers. Only sounds like a lot when your not battling  minitours.
Marshmallow193 Marshmallow193 Dec 26, 2016
This is like the only line without a comment on it so...