Too strong. (A Percy Jackson fan fic)

Too strong. (A Percy Jackson fan fic)

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Agent 27 By khadijiah1 Completed

Percy Jackson has just saved the world. Again.  And one day while he was hanging out with his cousins (Thalia, and Nico) and his new best friend Jason Grace, the gods decide that they were too strong, and that they needed to be destroyed. Of course, Percy and his cousins weren't going to here it. So they ran away. When a mysterious figure gives them new found powers, and immortality, how will the 4 use it? To rule the world? To get revenge on the ones that they once called friends, and then betrayed them?       

Find out in too strong.

(This is the first book in it's series)


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SupoMinor SupoMinor Oct 28
Sorry buddy, but the Olympians may hate you, but the Oneiroi probably don’t, and even if they did Phobetor would just make things worse.
Or the Lightning Theif
                              Oh wait, both movies were trash compared to the books
And then you realize the gods favor Hazel more and that's why she isn't here on the list. That or Author is very mean.
All the gods? Even the most useless ones? I doubt that ALL the gods could fit in the throne room.
SupoMinor SupoMinor Oct 28
I don’t know about you guys, but the first thing I think when I hear mustang is the horse.
The gods only call their kids up for bad news and that's basically it, other than that, they ignore you.