Completely His

Completely His

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Book Two of His Series 

Remy has know he was different since he was born. Remy knows he shouldn't even be alive. Remy also knows that he will never be loved, because who would love a wolf that couldn't actually shift?

Jaxon has waited all of his miserable 20 years for his mate, looking for even the tiniest of bits of love to keep his heart beating, but since he spends most of his time locked in his room, hiding from his own demons, Mason doesn't think he will meet his mate anytime soon.

Remy and his Dad take a trip to one of the neigboring packs to renew a treaty. After Smapson has decided that the Alpha title will be passed onto Remy's bloodline, instead of his, since all of his children are daughters and have been married to other alphas already. Uriah begins to teach his children what it is like to be an alpha and all the duties they have.

 This is where the two wolves meet eachother for the very first time.

Remy always thought he would have a strong mate, most omega are given Alpha or Beta mates so they can be protected from any harm, and Remy was happy to find out that his mate was the Alpha. Of course that was until he found out his matr has an extreme fear of any other shifter.

Remy doesn't know what was done to his mate to make him so afraid of his own kind, but he knows it's bad, and he knows he might be the only one to bring his mate back from the darkness he's come accustomed to.

Follow the story as heartbreaking truths are told, and shocking discoveries are made between two men who's love will rock their world, and yours.

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