20. { raura }

20. { raura }

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#adorkable By rausllybear Updated Jun 03

laura was just a normal innocent girl. so normal. so innocent. there was nothing wrong with her life, it was perfect.

but on her 13th birthday..her life changed. completely. she got kidnaped. 

she got kidnaped by a psychopath. a psychopath who didn't know what feelings were. and his name, was mark lynch. 

he kidnaped her for his son, ross, who was her age. and he did that because he was handing himself to the police because he was sick of running, and he wanted his son to turn out just like him. to take his place. 

he taught ross that feelings didn't matter. that nothing did. just the kill. the kill was all that mattered. 

but ross had a heart, and he didn't let his father get in the way of that. but that doesn't mean he wasn't scared of him, so he pretended to be like his father. 

he told ross to torture laura. he said that he had to torture her, and on the eve of her 20th birthday,

he had to kill her. 

but instead, ross and laura grew up together. since they were only 13. they lived alone. together. 

they went from strangers, to friends, to best friends,

to lovers.