The Lonely Prince || Phan

The Lonely Prince || Phan

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Phil Lester hasn't had the best past. He was bullied and tormented because of his sexuality and had no friends for a long time. 
He then moved to London where he met Chris and PJ who help get his life back on track again. 
Suddenly he's under a spell when 'The Lonely Prince' - Dan Howell walks into the room and smiles at him. Every time Phil sees Dan he gets butterflies in his stomach. 
Someone from his past is out for Phil  and will do anything to prevent Dan from getting close to him.

This is just creative writing. I am in no way suggesting they are a couple although if they were I'd probably die of happiness!


TechnoBubblez TechnoBubblez 13 hours ago
yo there better be an epilogue with dans pov for this moment
Everyone here is complaining/cursing their dirty mind, yet anyone who is in the phandom probably has a dirty mind
Muse is literally one of my favourite bands. I like the song New Born the most
TechnoBubblez TechnoBubblez a day ago
people just don't appreciate my input i guess, they always snap at me when i roast them and they tease me for being smart (i hope i am) and being good at some things but i have very awesome friends that will never see this <3
I promised myself not to cut,  the fact that I have friends that cut makes me want to cry
Imaging Chris and Pj picking Phil up like that but in the air and Phil is running the oppiste derection but not going anywhere because he in the air