Crazy Amusement

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Batman By MyKissKills Updated 2 years ago
Four kids go to an amusement park, expecting a day of fun. But they get anything but that.  Faced with wax figures, demons, a broken ferris wheel, and more, they're faced with unanswered questions. Who is a traitor? Who isn't? Who'll get out alive? Who won't?
I like it but write a lil more so it doesnt only have to be 1 page long :)
@MyKissKills HA, And thats why i have no votes from anyone i DONT know.? Yea i think your veiws and votes speak for itself.
@MyKissKills THATS A LIE -___- Eli dosnt piss me off. Well he IS my kid, so does that still count...?
I am seriously pissed that your writing is so much better than mine *Smh* Loved it!!
@mykisskills are you continuing the story because It's REALLY GOOD :)