The book I'll never write

The book I'll never write

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ArtfulAshes By ArtfulAshes Updated Mar 10, 2017

Call me a modern skeptic but I've always believed the flu shots to be a whole bunch of bologna. 

About a month  ago I caught the first strand of flu. I felt a little ran down but bounced back rather quickly. I choked it up to it could have happened to anyone. Flu shot or not.

I finally get to feeling better. The forecast says sunshine and high in the mid 60s. I've got a whole weekend planned of hiking and being in the great outdoors, I couldn't be more excited. 

Monday rolls around and I am accumulating a slight cough. Nothing a little DayQuil can't fix. Tuesday, it's worse. Swabbed for flu again, its negative. Thank the good lord (I am to excited about my upcoming weekend). Two shots and some antibiotics later, I'm thinking I'll be good as new by the morning. 

Not. I wake up worse than I have felt all week Wednesday. I'm now running a fever and feel like a truck has ran me over again and again. I push through the day and tell myself to give the antibiotics some time to work.