Eva's Expedition

Eva's Expedition

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Sit up straight. 

Cross your ankles. 

Cover your freckles. 

Only have straight A's. 

Don't speak unless spoken to. 

No internet. 

No friends. 

No free time. 

No wishes, no dreams, no fun. Evangeline's world revolves around rules. Her parents have laid out the groundwork for every aspect of her life. 

She is homeschooled, has no real friends of her own, unless you count her tutor, and has zero connections outside her parents social circle. 

Eva is expected to go to lavish social events, smile prettily at rich boys, be Steven-Hawking-smart, look and act absolutely perfect, obey every command and never step a toe out of line. 

Workaholic, self absorbed, money loving parents don't make for a loving environment. She's not like them, she can't stand it. They may be rich and successful, sure. But no human can live like this. A golden cage is still a cage, and Eva wants to spread her wings. 

Confined to her parents rules and lifestyle, Eva can only bend so much before she breaks. She's 17 and angry. Eva wants nothing more than to write and travel.

Her only escape is her 18th birthday. She'd be a legal adult. She'd have freedom, happiness. 

But it's too far away. They want to give her away to a man with a crooked smirk and roaming eyes. She can't do it anymore. 

So she runs away. 

She finds Logan, a boy of the projects. He's worn down and broken, but under the layers he's swathed himself in since the death of his mother, there is a lively, loving person. Genuine, attractive, and kind, he's Eva's first outside friend. 

He can take her away and they can both escape. Anyone can go just about anywhere with a stolen 15 grand in their backpack. 

Follow Eva and Logan on a 12 destination trip across the country and find out if their friendship blooms into something more. Maybe they'll both get the life they've always wanted and the love they deserve.
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