Ain't No Grave

Ain't No Grave

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Scout Dawson By scoutdawson Updated Aug 28

In the wake of his daughter's untimely death and his estranged wife's descent into alcoholism, Reuben Clark has spent the last two years living without internet, radio or human interaction in a camper van in the Canadian wilderness.

Feeling as recovered as he ever will, he begins the journey home to patch things up with his wife and get his normal life back on track. But it isn't long before Reuben starts to realise that something is very wrong; the roads are empty, and the Canadian-American border is completely unmanned.

Trying to maintain a grip on himself and his situation, Reuben finds himself in survival mode when he realises that the home he's returning to is not the one he left.

NOTE: This is an 'early draft' of the novel. It is proofed once before posting and should not be seen as any kind of final copy. Eventually it will be unpublished on Wattpad and re-released as a proper novel. The chapters are proofed before posting, but are not the final draft. So please expect (and feel free to point out) small errors here and there.

I'm curious on you're spelling of tyres.  Normal American English spelling is tires.  I noticed this earlier to... It might have been in the first chapter.
This made me  laugh. I speak to myself all the damn time. People must think I'm crazy. :D
I love how, despite the fact a girl is bleeding out in front of him, his mind is piecing together something isn't quite right.
The way Reuben speaks when he's mad reminds me of someone! :)