Just Another Hood Love!

Just Another Hood Love!

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SelfmadeSosa By StephonR Updated Nov 13, 2014

Lola Monroe is a seventeen year old girl from the hood of Atlanta Georgia who has went through many difficult challenges in her life. It's no help that her mother is a part of her misery and she doesn't have a father figure. Everyone think's that Lola has her life figured out or she is so bless. But if only they knew her life was slowly falling apart.

How will she get through these challenges?

What will happen when a seventeen year old girl has to grow up before her time?

Los is a dope-boy living by hood rules, Nothing or nobody could stop him, Los doesn't believe in love his motto is fuck bitches and get money. Only the strongest survive out here on these streets. 

Will Los Ever Love?

What will happen when two different people from two different lives meet?

Will he use her for what she got or will he show her that not all guys are the same?

Chapter 11 & 19 is private so you will have to follow me to read it, sorry wasnt my plan it was wattpad doing 

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Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 May 26, 2016
I wanna jump in and beat her nasty mother for that what kind of mother watches her child be molested by nasty dudes
sensationaldi sensationaldi May 09, 2016
I thought this was Lolas POV for a min... Thought she was a dyke for a min..
glossystick glossystick Jun 17, 2016
hellew nice meeting u queation soo u be eatin hoes pussy😒
SphiweMthimunye SphiweMthimunye Mar 11, 2016
I think every writer is talented, it just takes the right reader to see it
Trapahontas Trapahontas Apr 20, 2015
^ LMFAOO where have you been all theses years ? Who didn't know that 
SiAsia_Asad SiAsia_Asad Aug 23, 2014
I thought is was Get Money and Fuck Bitches because if they didn't have the money then they girls probably wouldn't fuck them